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July 2018 We are happy to announce the expected litter of puppies which will be due 21st July between Kronos Stella Bonasera and Limubox Fool O' Scotch.

  January 2015 On the 7th January Annie gave birth to a super litter and a male puppy (Frankie) will be staing here with us. See the "My Dogs" page for photos and more details.

  JULY 2012 On the 16th July Juno gave birth to 3 puppies. One brindle dog, one brindle bitch and one white bitch, she was an absolute star and did a terrific job with them. The dog and white bitch are now in their loving homes and we wish the all the happiness with their new family additions. The bitch puppy whom I named Stella is staying with us and will hopefully make her show debut in the New Year. See the "My Dogs" page for photos and more details.

Juno and Maffy