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About Me
I was born into a family in the early 70's. My mother bought her first boxer "Sheba" in the mid 60's and she was still alive when I arrived, and therfore there has never been a period in my life where a boxer wasn't present. Nor can I ever imagine a time where that would happen!
After we lost Sheba I vaguely remember a trip to Richmond, North Yorkshire to collect a Red & White dog "Recklass" who was an amazing character and terrific athlete. I remember him scaling 6 foot fences with ease. As Recklass became an elderly dog and I entered my teens I decided I wanted a Boxer of my own. I pleaded with my parents and was told I could have one if I saved the money myself. Undetered I set about saving my £5 a week paper round wages til I'd saved £100 and was given the final £20 which was then the going rate. I bought a Red & White bitch who we again named "Sheba"and was predominantly Mindenwood breeding. Sheba and I became inseparable and she was the first dog to be registered in my name when I was 13. I did intend to show her but she showed her tongue when her mouth was closed!! As showing wasn't really a possibilty I decided that obedience and agility were for us. I joined a local club and began many enjoyable years where I not only learned the disciplines required but also a lot about dogs in general.
It was during this time that my mother wanted to try her hand at it, and therfore needed a dog of her own. Having subscribed to Boxer Quarterly from its launch in 1986, in the second ever edition I was struck by a photo of a Brindle & White dog "Witherford Golden Orange". I informed dad that we had to have a Witherford Boxer and instructed him to phone Pat Withers at once. Pat didn't have any puppies at the time but Golden Orange "Jaffa" had been used locally and there was one Brindle & White dog left. Off we went on the long Journey from Durham to Herefordshire to collect "Buster" who was no show dog but a fantastic character with a true boxer temprement.
After we lost Buster and Sheba was and elderly dog we aquired "Daisy" from Claire Kay's Seacrest kennel. Dasiy was the first dog I showed and its through her that my affiliation with the Tyne, Wear & Tees Boxer club began. I showed Daisy with relative success at Open Show level and whilst attending ringcraft classes became friends with Jean Tatham of Skirlaw Boxers. Her help, advice and patience were greatly appretiated and I will always be grateful for taking us under her wing. When the time came for Dasiy to be mated, Jean was showing Ch Maristar Reflection of Skirlaw " Monty" who I thought would suit Daisy and its from the resulting litter in 1998 that the Kronos affix was registered, initially to me and my mother jointly and later as me sole owner. Two dogs were kept from this litter "Suki" who came to live me and Rueben who remained with my parents.

A few years later friends of mine Edith Tindale and Marilyn Hutchinson had a litter sired by Ch Winuwuk Lust in the Dust a dog whose progeny I had always admired, it was then that I acquired Milly AKA Lichdel Hot Gossip at Kronos who I've had some success with qualifying her for Crufts 2006 and 2007. Milly had her 1st litter in August 2010 and has produced a Championship Show winning daughter Kronos Annie Mac who was also a Mancunian Puppy of the Year qualifier.

I have been involved with the Tyne, Wear and Tees Boxer Club for many years which included a spell as secretary and am currently the clubs Chairman